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Advantage Database Server is for Medisoft Network Pro and Office Hours Pro Client Server. Older versions of Advantage are available for older versions of Medisoft and Office Hours. We will contact you to determine what version of Advantage you need.

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Advantage Database Server is a high performance client/server relational database management systems (RDBMS) for networked database applications. With optimized data access methodology for easily delivering unparalleled performance, Advantage provides security, stability, and data integrity while being completely maintenance-free.

The Advantage Database Server is the key to improved database performance in network environments. The server can be visualized as an intelligent controller that reduces competition for resources and off-loads much of the work normally performed by each client workstation. It is responsible for all database access, including all reading and writing of data, and lock management. Working with the network operating system, the Advantage Database Server processes data requests and returns the information to the network clients.

Supports Windows Operating Systems and operates as a Windows Service. It cannot be run as a standard Windows application.

Traditional non-client/server applications send raw data from the server across the network to be processed on the workstation. With the Advantage Database Server, much of the data is processed by the Advantage Database Server on the file server. By decreasing network traffic, you increase performance.

The Advantage Database Server integrity system ensures that database updates either run to completion or do not begin. The Advantage Database Server will not execute partial commands. This means that the integrity of your database no longer depends on the stability of the workstations on the network. Because the Advantage Database Server is responsible for all database access (on behalf of the clients), it can do a far better job of concurrency control than traditional systems, where concurrency must be synchronized between remote workstations. Better concurrency control means better multi-user performance.


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