Hello! If you are an established, returning customer, welcome back! If you are new to us and in the market for eMD’s Medisoft® Version 22 and related items, we would love the opportunity to do business with you! Your order comes with *Walker Tek Solution’s (WTS) Support through 2/21/2018. Our support team is among the best in the Medisoft® resale community and you aren’t going to find better technicians.

*Free support with purchase covers a lot of standard support issues, but does not cover training, Revenue Management set up, or data corruption repair. Support with purchase does cover installation if your office is doing the installation with WTS’s assistance. If you would like us to install it for you, we would be happy to do that. Additional installation charges will apply. 

Every Medisoft® product purchase backed by
Gavin’s 110%  Money Back Guarantee

Please read before checking out:

  • Know your stuff – Only use the online option if you are prepared and know exactly what you need without prior consultation.
    • Contact Gavin Walker email for consultation if you want to double check before you buy- 866.890.6777. If he isn’t immediately available, he’ll return your call very soon.
  • Returns after registering – The 110% Money Back Guarantee only applies to Medisoft products returned in an unregistered condition. You can return your product after you have registered and receive your money back minus the cost of the de-registration fee that we incur.

Recommended System Requirements – Medisoft® Version 22

Workstation: Windows XP Pro SP3 up to Windows 10, with 4GB or more RAM

Server: Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 or higher, with 8GB or more of RAM

Medisoft Version 21 Network Professional Edition- Requires Advantage Database Version 11
(On Medisoft Version 20 NetPro now? Then you already have ADV11.)

Thank you for choosing us to serve you!

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