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Medisoft Clinical includes Medisoft Network Pro, Practice Partner Patient Records, Zoom scanning, ePrescribing, clinical tools, patient education, Webview patient portal, EHR procedure and diagnosis code updates, one standard inbound results interface, 56 hours of training and implementation, one year of support and software updates.

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System Requirements & Installation Guide

Click the following link for the system requirements for Medisoft Clinical:
Medisoft Clinical System Requirements & Installation Guide.

eMD’s Medisoft Clinical EHR

Walker Tek’s Medisoft Clinical Training & Support – The service makes all the difference!

“In a nutshell, the one thing that sets Medisoft Clinical EHR apart from the other EHR systems I have had a chance to look at, is the Bright Note Technology™ that eMD’s developed for it. Instead of surfing in and out of a bunch of screens to complete all the tasks associated with a patient visit, the provider can do almost all of the tasks out of the patient note. For obvious reasons, that is efficient for the provider. However, what should seriously be considered is that eMD’s designed it such that when the provider charts in that patient note, the relevant information automatically synchronizes with the other portions of the patient’s chart so that other staff members can begin working on their tasks immediately. In most cases, instead of reentering data, the staff is checking data that has already been entered.

Also, I have come across doctors who were more comfortable with one method of charting that wasn’t available in certain EHRs. Medisoft Clinical gives you 5 different ways to chart so instead of you molding your charting to match the EHR, the EHR matches your most comfortable method of charting. Out of the 5, the coolest one in my opinion is speech recognition. You navigate the system using voice commands. Once the user is comfortable with the technology, you can really fly with this. It uses Dragon Naturally Speaking and has macros and ability to program in your own custom voice commands. As you would expect, Medisoft Clinical also has templates that you can design the way you want. There are also handwritten notes to text, keyboard and transcription capabilities.”

~Gavin Walker

Medisoft Clinical includes:

  • Support and maintenance for the first year (We have some of the best support in the business; knowledgeable and friendly.)
  • 56 hours of clinical installment and training
  • Medisoft Network Professional – Practice Management System (Includes Advantage database licensing.)
  • Practice Partner – Electronic Charting System
  • Office Hours Professional – Scheduler
  • Zoom scanning license
  • Order entry
  • Eprescribing
  • Patient Education
  • Web view patient portal (implementation is extra)
  • EHR procedure code and diagnosis code updates
  • One standard inbound results interface (Lab, radiology or text, implementation is extra)

Optional, additional product and subscription services that complete the ideal level of office task flow:

Relay Health EDI – (Clearinghouse) – $ 50 p/ month p/ provider – Electronic claims only.

Relay Health EDI Suite – $90 p/month p/ provider – Bundled pricing includes electronic claims and three additional services: ERA, Eligibility Verification & Revenue Management.

  • ERA service (Remittances automatically posted into Medisoft.) Normally $25 p/ month p/ provider.
  • Eligibility Verification (Know if a patient’s insurance is current before they arrive to the office visit.) Normally $25 p/ month p/ provider.
  • Revenue Management (Contains claim scrubbing & more.)

Lab Interface (Three lab options available: Inbound results, outbound orders, inbound demographics) Many lab service companies may cover your cost of eMD’s Lab Interface product as well as the annual maintenance for Lab Interface. Contact your lab representative of choice and have them contact us.

Bill Flash – (Patient statements prepared and sent in 5 minutes or less.) $17.50 p/ month service cost plus the cost of statements.

Many a physician that have previously incorporated a new EHR into their business will tell you, the service makes all the difference. You can have a great EHR system, but you can’t get it up and running yourself. You are dependent on others to partner with you and your staff to tweak all the variables over time and get it running smoothly. We pride ourselves on the quality of support we provide our Medisoft Clinical customers. We keep a 2-3 man team available Monday-Friday, 7:30am – 4:30 pm, CST. In most cases, the phone is answered by our Customer Care Agent who will quickly collect your issue and get it routed for resolution. We would welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves to you. Service really does make all the difference. Walker Tek provides top notch Medisoft Clinical service and support.