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Need help with your Medisoft? Walker Tek has you covered.
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Medisoft Technical Support Agreement
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Contact us at 866.890.6777 to see how we can help you with the issues you are experiencing.

In an effort to meet your needs, a number of resources are available to you.

Medisoft Help Files and Manuals

The Medisoft Help Files and Manual contain information about the setup and use of Medisoft. The Help Files may be accessed in the Medisoft program one of two ways.

  1. Use the “F1” key on the keyboard while you are in a specific area of the program…or
  2. Click on the “Help” menu and select “Table of Contents”

The Medisoft Manual may also be accessed by inserting the Medisoft installation CD and then clicking the link “Medisoft Manual” when the CD auto plays.

Online Support

Ask your Medisoft question on our Walker Tek Medisoft User Forum. This forum was created by and is maintained by us to provide an additional resource for our customers. It contains a collection of topics that have been posted by users like you. The posts are answered by either Gavin Walker or Walker Tek staff within two business days.

When troubleshooting Medisoft issues, you may want to give the above a look to first see if your particular issue has already been posted with a solution before you pursue paid support to get it resolved.

Telephone/Remote Access Support

We feel we offer top quality support for a competitive price in comparison with the scope of Medisoft VARs available. Gavin has 22 years of programming experience and has worked specifically with Medisoft data since 2003.   Andrew Analla and Jim Updegraff are our Support Technicians. They handle a wide range of troubleshooting issues with Medisoft and Medisoft related services. The support we provide our customers at Walker Tek is among the best in the VAR community.

Our technical support includes virtual on-site support. Virtual on-site support (VOS) is the remote control and sharing of your computer’s desktop upon your permission. This permission-based control enables real-time ad hoc collaboration. We are able to see what you see on your program, greatly streamlining the support process. Medisoft Technical Support Agreement and pricing.

Extra Services

The below services are not applicable to Walker Tek’s regular support agreement. If you find yourself in need of these services, we would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with you.

  • Data File Repair – This service may be necessary if your Medisoft files have become damaged through incidents such as a power surge or computer hardware problems.  We charge $300 to perform a Medisoft data repair. We highly recommend that a backup of your data is made on a regular basis. The restoration of a current backup will be the most cost-effective solution for data corruption.
  • Custom Formatting – Medisoft products include a custom report writer to allow the program’s printed output to be customized. Walker Tek support will answer your questions to help you begin to customize a form. Walker Tek can also custom design a report for you for $180.
  • Data Conversion – Walker Tek can convert data from your existing system into Medisoft, or we can convert Medisoft to another system. Contact us for a custom quote.

Support Policy

As part of our continuing effort to provide the highest possible level of service to our customers, we make every effort we can to support even older versions of Medisoft. Certain uses of Medisoft require that you have a certain level of Medisoft.

Windows 7

Medisoft V12 sp2 and newer will work with Windows 7. Note: Windows 7 64-bit requires Advantage v8.1 and Medisoft v16 or higher. Older versions of Medisoft can be run in XP-Mode.

Windows 2008 Server

Windows 2008 Server requires Advantage v8.1 and Medisoft v12 sp2 or higher.

Supported Products

  • Medisoft Clinical EHR
  • Medisoft
  • Medisoft Advanced
  • Medisoft Network Pro
  • Medisoft for Networks – This product was discontinued, but we still support it. The server requires Windows 98 or ME.
  • Office Hours Pro
  • Codes on Disk
  • Advantage Database
  • Other Medisoft Add-ons

When You Call Support

You will need a Medisoft Technical Support Agreement in place before we can start working with you to resolve your issue. The amount of time you spend on the phone will be reduced if you have the following items available when you call:

  • A complete description of your problem or question, including the complete text of any error messages.  Please be prepared to answer questions pertaining to the issue.  Please have the computer on which the software resides available; this will provide us the option to troubleshoot if necessary.
  • Version of Medisoft you are using.
  • Version of Windows you are using.

If you need to purchase a Medisoft Technical Support Agreement, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can purchase support from our shop page, click here to purchase WTS Support
  2. You can call us and we’ll assist you with the purchase of the WTS Support that is regarding your issue.

Please keep in mind that you will need to have a Medisoft Technical Support Agreement processed, approved and in place before you can receive any technical support assistance. Technical Support Agreements are processed within 1 business day.

Service Hours

Support is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Monday – Friday. We take a standard 12 to 1 pm lunch. After business hours support has limited availability and costs more. Contact Gavin Walker for details. Walker Tek is closed for major holidays.