Data Conversion

Medisoft Data Conversions (Migration)

If you have been considering migrating to Medisoft, WTS can help. Data migration is one of our specialties.


Gavin Walker has been working with Medisoft data since 2003. He has 21 years of professional software engineering experience.


The cost of converting is dependant upon what program you are converting from and what type of data you desire to bring across. We can convert just patient demographics, or everything including charges and payments. Some companies charge per patient with minimums. We don’t charge by the size of the database. We charge a flat rate based upon what type of data you need brought over. This is cost effective for larger databases.


First, in order to provide you with an estimate to the cost of your conversion, we would need to obtain a copy of your data. Like getting an estimate on fixing your car, we have to actually see the data before we can tell you how much it will cost to convert it. Once that is decided, typically, you would upload the latest copy of your data to our secure FTP site on Friday morning. By the following Monday afternoon (or sooner), we will post your converted data back out to our FTP site for you to download and use.

Situations that may make converting your data a good choice:

  • If you are a physician splitting away from a practice – We can split the Medisoft database into separate databases so that just your patients are in your database.
  • If you are a physician wanting to combine a practice with someone else – We can merge two Medisoft databases into one.
  • If you desire to change software systems:
    • Avoid re-keying your data from your old system into your new Medisoft system.
    • Avoid double entry keying data into two systems while you finish out posting payments and such in the old system.
    • Avoid having to keep referring back to your old system to come up with the patient balance between the two systems.
    • Avoid having to run reports out of both systems and combine them to get information about what was historically done in both.

If you would like more information and consultation about converting your data, visit our Contact Us page and leave a message for Gavin or call us at 866.890.6777 and ask for him personally. He’ll be happy to give you the information you need to decide if this is something that would make sense for your business or not.