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BillFlash© – Modernizing Your Patient’s Experience
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NexTrust’s BillFlash©

Why BillFlash

BillFlash is a suite of billing and payment services for Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical.

  • Online invoices to patients (eBill Service, Medisoft Integration)
  • Online patient payments (ePay Service, Medisoft Integration)
  • Online patient payment history viewing (My Provider Link)
  • Patient Statement Mailing Service (Automated, Subscription comes with free eBill Service, Medisoft Integration)
  • Merchant services (Office Pay, Medisoft Integration)

Launch BillFlash from within Medisoft.

BillFlash Pricing

$17.50 per month base price plus costs for statements processing, credit card and e-check processing fees.
Medtech Invoice
Walker Tek is not only a re-seller of BillFlash, we are a customer also for our billing service. As seen above, Walker Tek processed 64 invoice transactions in February 2016 for a total monthly bill of $63.70 (which included the support base price of $17.50). For us, on this month, for this level of volume, our cost was less than a dollar per transaction. The return on investment is easy to see on BillFlash.Walker Tek’s Billing Service – Automating with BillFlash is a no brainer.

Get BillFlash

Electronic Invoices – No more physical printing and mailing. Staff just uploads statements from within Medisoft and sends from BillFlash.Electronic Payments – Collect patient obligations, potentially, the same day the invoice goes out.

Patient Portal – Patients can view payment history online, potentially, decreasing patient calls to the office.

**Merchant Services – Patient credit card and e-check payments can be processed and applied directly in Medisoft’s Charges & Payments screen. (Section 2:02 of video, Office Pay)

Patient Statement Mailing Service – Get your hardcopy statements/invoices very professional looking, consistent and off your plate. Upload statements with Medisoft’s Statement Manager and Bill Flash’s integrated, automated patient statement mailing service takes over. Once you hit approve, they’ll do the rest. Comes with free eBill service to entice your patients over to an electronic solution. (Section 0:22 of video)

**Give us the figures from the last 2 months of your existing merchant statements and we’ll work with BillFlash to offer you a less expensive merchant option if possible. Their rates are very competitive. You might end up getting to keep more of the money you have earned from your patient credit card/eCheck payments AND streamline by processing those payments right inside of your Medisoft.

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