UpDox eFax

by Updox

Platform: Interfaced with eMDs’ Medisoft Clinical®. Starting Price: †$99 per provider per month & 500 pages per provider per month inbound & outbound.

A fax without having to fax. No ink. No paper. No rescanning to attach to a chart. Fax moves into EHR faster with automation.

††Set up in around 3 business days. Updox Vendor- MedTech (Walker Tek Solutions, LLC DBA name.).


* WTS Premium Support- WTS first point of contact for issue resolution

* Fax without a modem or fax line

* Price includes an 800 number or a local number for your fax line

* Modernize your business by securely moving faxes to the cloud

* Interfaced to Medisoft Clinical® (Works with Zoom for outbound.)

* HIPAA Compliant & Secure

* Easier than traditional fax to control access to the inbox and outbox

* 15 day free trial

* Additional 250 pages- $10 for inbound and outbound