Revenue Cycle Management

by eMDs

Multiple bundles available. Let us create one for you.

Sold by Walker Tek Solutions, LLC

Services Available:

  • Claims Scrubbing – With our automated claims scrubbing claims get submitted right the first time.
  • Claims Editing Tools – We have invested in state-of-the-art claims editing tools.
  • Payor Contracts – We will monitor and appeal expected payments.
  • Regulatory Assistance – Our service offers the training and tools to travel well through regulatory changes.


Daydream what it would be like if your billing and revenue collection were off of your plate and onto ours. As an independent provider utilizing a revenue cycle management service allows you to offload a huge burden of your business to people who specialize in it. Let us babysit your billing. Not only will we make sure things get done, we’ll make sure they get done right. Watch the percentage of your current monthly collections rise while enjoying the benefits of having the billing off your plate. Turning the daydream into a reality is just a mouse-click away.