Medisoft®Office Hours Professional Client Server


THIS IS AN OFFICE HOURS PRO CLIENT SERVER v23 FOR WINDOWS ORDER. With Medisoft v23 Office Hours is an appointment scheduling program that helps keep track of appointments for your practice. It is automatically installed with Medisoft (unless you chose not to have it included when you performed the installation). So, if you are purchasing Medisoft, you don’t need to purchase Office Hours Pro. Office Hours Pro v23 is Windows 10 compatible.

Office Hours Pro Client Server requires an Advantage v11 user license sold separately. If you upgrade from Office Hours Pro Client Server v19 or higher, then you should already have an Advantage v11 license.

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Package Includes:

  • 2 months of WTS’s premium support
  • Gavin’s 110% Money Back Guarantee

Office Hours Version 23 Features

AutoRemind Appointment Reminders

Remind patients of their upcoming appointments via text, phone, email, or all by all three methods. There is also the capability to send practice wide messages to select groups of patients and post-visit messages.There are additional fees associated with the AutoRemind service.

Windows 10 Compatibility

Office Hours is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system.

Scheduling Made Easy

Office Hours® Professional scheduler has a simple screen layout and command structure. Scheduling, moving, and copying appointments is done with a few keystrokes. Office Hours® Professional easy-to-use window lets you set up appointments in seconds. Check in patients to print a no-show list. Flexible repeating appointments make it easy to schedule a series of visits. Plus, color code appointments so you can tell at a glance the type of appointment that’s coming up.

  • Quickly create, edit, copy or reschedule appointments
  • Know at a glance where there are open time slots, what type of appointments are scheduled for the day, and whether or not appointments have been confirmed
  • Mini-Calendar makes navigating to a specific day and time easy
  • Powerful search capabilities will locate the next available appointment for you. Find the perfect fit for your patient by narrowing your search to match their availability based on the day of the week, time of the day, type of visit, length of appointment, provider or resource
  • Print the Office Hours® schedule exactly as it appears on the screen
  • Standard reports make it easy to track no-shows, list patients that need referrals, run an appointment analysis based on reasons, and more!

Appointment View Options

An exciting feature of Office Hours® Professional is the ability to change the view of the Appointment Grid. Office Hours® appointments can be viewed by:

  • Day view
  • Week view
  • Month view
  • Multiple provider view
  • Equipment or treatment room view
  • Clean screen view to see more appointments

Office Hours® Professional scheduler offers many options for viewing appointments — by, day, week, month, multiple provider or even by equipment or treatment rooms. Buttons at the bottom of the main window allow you to select which view to display. Define and save any view you need on the multi-view button.

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Staff Productivity

  • Grid Column Sort. You can click a header in a grid to sort by that column. Initially, the table will sort in ascending order. Clicking the header a second time sorts in descending order. This is a temporary sort. The windows in which this is applicable are the Appointment List, Break List, Patient Recall List, Reason List, Resource List, and Template List.
  • Office Hours® Professional Integrated with Medisoft
    The features below are only available when Office Hours® Professional integrates with Medisoft.
  • Co-pay Payments can post from Office Hours® through Transaction Entry or Deposit Entry.
  • Also when entering a copay in Deposit List, you can print a receipt.
  • Superbills. When you delete an appointment, then any connected superbill is also deleted. If the superbill is a numbered superbill, then the deleted superbill number is released to the program and may be assigned again.