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Medisoft® Version 24 is slated for release mid-December 2019. New Transaction Entry Alerts – These have been added. Different rules apply to different insurances so this great alert will reduce billing errors and denials. Version 24 also has a much better Eligibility Display now than it did before. Using the Medisoft Mobile App in conjunction with Version 24 will give you the most robust Medisoft tablet experience yet with 6 new mobile features added. Report Header improvements were made and CPT codes in Unprocessed Transactions in Version 24 will now pull NDC information stored in the Procedure List.

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Here are the features that are new in Medisoft V24:

  • Transaction Entry Warnings – Custom warning about present and absent content.
  • Transaction & Statement Comments Inserted to Walkout Receipts.
  • Medisoft Mobile App For Network Professional Edition – Expanded Feature Set For V24 – Can edit or delete appointments, can select the case, patient balances are visible, more insurance information is visible, can now select the facility, and the patient’s middle initial is now visible. Download the Medisoft Mobile App on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Here are the features that are in Medisoft V23:

  • Insurance Card Scanning – Duplex scanning on Policy 1, 2, 3, and Multi Media tabs. Works with third party remote scanning software in remote desktop environments. Pictures are automatically condensed before saving record to save disk space. When case is copied you will be prompted to discard picture on the original case to further reduce space.
  • Auto-Designate Invoice Comments – You can pre-construct based on payment posting codes to apply to transaction in Revenue Manager Payment Auto-Post. You may also enter freetext comments. Transactions have been enhanced to store in-house, statement, and other notes to maximize flexibility.
  • Identical Patient Record Test by Surname and Birthday – You will now be warned when you try to enter a patient with matching surname and birthday in order to reduce duplicate record entry.
  • Timely Filing Tracking in AR Tracker – You can now view a timely filing countdown in AR Tracker to help prioritize which claims to work on first.

Medisoft Feature Matrix V20-V24 Click Here
View Demo – Medisoft V24 Transaction Entry Alerts
View Demo – Medisoft V24 Report Enhancements

Recommended System Requirements for Medisoft Version 24:
Workstation = Windows 8 Pro up through Windows 10, with 4GB or more RAM
Server = Windows Server 2012, with 8GB or more of RAM

*Medisoft Version 24 Network Professional requires the Advantage Database Version 11 Platform. If upgrading from Medisoft Network Pro Version 19, 20, 21, 22, or 23, you already have Advantage Database Version 11 and will not need to purchase additional licensing.

*WTS Courtesy Medisoft Support With Purchase – Does not cover WTS doing the product installation. That would need to be purchased at additional cost. However, WTS agents will happily assist if you have trouble with your installation.