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Our company takes great pride in being among the best at providing Medisoft and technical support in this business. We would eagerly welcome the opportunity to help you troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. Before making a support purchase, please read Walker Tek Solutions’ Terms & Conditions.

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$299 = WTS Medisoft Subscription- Ongoing WTS Medisoft Tek Squad™ support and an annual Medisoft upgrade for up to 5 users.
(More users? Contact
$200 = 1 Month Windows 10/Server 2016, 2019 – Support For Medisoft
$300 = 1 Month Windows 8/Server 2012 – Support For Medisoft
$1,200 = 12 Month Multi-Month Discount – Support For Medisoft
$1,600 = 24 Month Multi-Month Discount – Support For Medisoft

Note The Exclusions Below- Read Terms & Conditions here for a complete list of exclusions:

  • Medisoft v12 to v14 – 32-bit Windows 8 ONLY, NO claims support
  • Medisoft v15 to v18 – Windows 8 ONLY, NO claims support
  • Medisoft v19 – Windows 8 ONLY support

(Medisoft v1 to v11 – WTS doesn’t support product of this age.)

Available Medisoft Support Services Not Included In A General Medisoft Support Block Purchase:

  • $250= Medisoft Revenue Management 1 Practice Setup, One Test Claim/Batch Submitted To Success, 1 hour overview of  Revenue Management upon request.
  • $50= Medisoft Password Recovery Only
  • $100= Medisoft Registration Recovery Only
  • $300= Medisoft Database Repair Only (Available V22 or newer only.)