McKesson Practice Interface Center (MPIC)


MPIC Interface Package for one practice includes:
– MPIC software
– Walker Tek setup and implementation for one practice to interface to one software program.
– One year of Walker Tek support and software updates

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Medisoft & Lytec Interfacing
McKesson Practice Interface Center (MPIC)

MPIC Replaces Communications Manager

McKesson Practice Interface Center (MPIC) has replaced and is an improvement upon the Communications Manager Interface. As of Version 19 on Medisoft and Lytec 2014, Communications Manager is no longer available. If you are in need of a MPIC interface, we would welcome the opportunity to talk over your needs and provide you with a quote. We specialize in interfacing.

Starting Price – $1,400

Prices start at $1,400 per practice and go up from there depending upon your needs. This price includes: interface software, configuration, installation and one year of support. Support can be renewed annually for $410. We build both inbound and bi-directional interfaces.

McKesson + Mirth

McKesson Practice Interface Center (MPIC) was created using the Mirth Interface Engine. Because of Mirth, MPIC is McKesson’s more advanced solution to Communications Manager. MPIC runs as a service which cuts down on interruptions to interface operation. Running as a service means the interface continues to operate as long as the computer the interface is installed on is booted up. With Communications Manager, you were required to not just have the computer on, but also had to login in order for the interface to operate. Because MPIC runs as a service, it avoids practical problems like:

  • Interface on the server – After a power outage, the interface stops working and people think it is an issue with the interface when really they didn’t know they have to go log on to the server to get the interface operational again. Also, Windows Updates cause the server to reboot and people think there is a problem with the interface when really they just need to log in.
  • Interface on a workstation – Sometimes an interface is installed on a workstation of someone who is on vacation. If there was a power outage or Windows Update and fellow staff doesn’t know the login to that workstation that can be a real hassle. With MPIC, one only has to make sure the machine is on.

Also, the Mirth Interface Engine allows for additional channels to be created so Medisoft or Lytec can be interfaced to multiple products as opposed to just one.

*MPIC Data Flow Directions

  • Patient Demographics – Out
  • Scheduling – In/Out
  • Financial Transactions – In

*You are not limited to the above mentioned data flow. Walker Tek can expand this for you. Contact Gavin Walker for consultation. Click here for details.

HL7 Experience

Walker Tek specializes in the HL7 interface messaging standard and has 50 years of combined working experience with it amongst its team members. That experience streamlines the interface development process. If you need a Medisoft or Lytec interface, you’ve come to the right place.

Walker Tek MPIC Interfaces Thus Far

  • ATLAS LabWorks®
  • ChiroCharts
  • HSTPathways
  • iKnowMed
  • MD-Reports
  • MediNotes
  • OnCallData