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Advantage Database License v11. You need a separate Advantage Data license for Medisoft Network Pro and Office Hours Pro Client Server. One license for each user or machine that will connect in to the database at once.

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  • 2 months of WTS’s premium support
  • Gavin’s 110% Money Back Guarantee

What’s New In Advantage 11

Online Table Maintenance

Added the capability to perform the following maintenance operations while a table is in use by one or more clients. Prior to ADS v11, it was necessary to open a table exclusively (thus disallowing any other use of the table) during the operation.

• Online Pack – remove deleted records from a table while it is in use
• Online Reindex – rebuild a table’s indexes while it is in use
• Online Alter – change a table’s structure while it is in use (Add, delete, modify fields)

Performance Improvements

• Improved performance of expression parsing, which will help with table and index opens, SQL parsing, filtering, etc. This can have a significant effect on some platforms such as Windows 2008 R2 or when the server is under a large concurrent load.
• Improved performance of rollbacks to savepoints.
• Optimized the function used to sort keys when building indexes.
• Improved pack table performance.
• Improved the efficiency of server-side initialization code required for many types of client requests.