Meaningful Use & PQRS- 2017 Homework Starts Now

Your friends and your patients might not get that taking on Medicare clients in these latter years is so much more of a commitment for an independent physician than ever before, but I do. If your 2015 Meaningful Use attestation did not go as you would have liked and you are feeling a little beat up, I want to encourage you. 2016 is a new year. Learn from 2015’s mistakes and set a goal to attest successfully in 2017. Do not procrastinate or allow your employees to. The time to think about this is now; not a few weeks before the deadline. Here is some homework to set yourself up well and increase the probability that you will successfully attest for Meaningful Use and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) for 2016 in 2017.

Homework Assignment #1- Meaningful Use Office Champion
If you haven’t already, you must establish one person whose job it is to stay on top of quality checking the collection of the data you’ll need to turn in for attestation.

Homework Assignment #2- Every Month Run Meaningful Use Report
Your Meaningful Use Champion should use this report to catch any measure you are missing. Important note: The Menu Objective method in which you get to pick 4 items out of the menu to report upon has been phased out. Now, everyone (except those that are exempt for some reason) has to report via the Core objectives. .

Homework Assignment #3- Every Month Run PQRS Report
The Meaningful Use Champion (Am I overemphasizing this? Yes, yes I am.) should scan for any necessary adjustments in your EHR. Use this report to monitor and make sure the EHR is functioning as intended and all employees know how to use it properly. What you don’t capture, you can’t report come 2017.

Gavin Walker, CEO of MedTech Medical Management System, adds, “For practices just getting in the swing of prepping for Meaningful Use, work your way up to the monthly reports. First, run the reports weekly, if not daily, and get to the place that you are consistently hitting your numbers. Once things are established, run them monthly and carefully guard the collection of your data from there.”

As a Meaningful Use Consultant, I like to ideally get my hands on people and their databases 6 months before the deadline at minimum. It pains me for them when clients approach me too close to the deadline and there isn’t enough lead time left to properly prepare the database for attestation. You can’t “set back the clock” on your software system.

You can fail to plan and plan to fail, or, you can do your homework and set yourself up for a successful attestation for 2016 in 2017. Establish these good habits to reduce the stress of the attestation deadlines and keep as much of your hard earned Medicare money as you possibly can.

Disclaiming Statement- Walker Tek Solutions, LLC DBA MedTech Medical Management Systems has collected information from external sources and displayed it here as well as content we customized. This set of information is offered as a courtesy to be used as a general guideline only. It is not offered as or intended to be, nor would it be reasonable, to attempt to make it exhaustive on the named topic. Each organization is responsible to fully vet and research what specific needs they have in regard to their own practice’s Meaningful Use Attestation or PQRS reporting in light of the unique conditions of their practice. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid is the organization distributing the official rules and interpretations about Meaningful Use attestation and PQRS responsibilities. 

Ria Halcomb is a Certified Meaningful Use Consultant (Certification organization is McKesson BPS – Issued 2014). Ria is also an Advanced Certified Trainer for MedTech Medical Management Systems on McKesson’s Medisoft®, Medisoft® Clinical EHR and Practice Choice™. Ria has over 10 years training and consultation experience specifically in the medical IT field. (Ria’s content handled by MedTech’s Blog Manager.)

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