eRX EPCS Now Nationwide- Formulary & Use History Benefits

Are you one of the providers that has been held back from using e-prescription (eRX) technology because Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) was not available? Your wait is over. Recent legislation has made it possible to use this in all 50 states instead of just some. You can now e-prescribe all medications in one workflow. Finally!

One of the top benefits to using an eRX service is to potentially lower patient drug cost, possibly increasing treatment compliance. When considering an eRX service, make sure it offers formularies. You can use them to scan for the lower cost options for your patients. This could mean the difference between whether or not they feel their monthly budget can handle the proposed treatment plan. Good for the patient, outcomes, and your business.

Another top benefit of eRX is access to a complete, or nearly complete, history of the patient’s use of medications, including controlled substances. Tying into an e-prescribing system allows you to see the patient’s history of prescriptions from other providers; not just from you. What about past hard-copy prescriptions you may wonder? The pharmacies take the hard-copies and add them to the system giving a “global” view of past prescriptions. Protect your patient and protect yourself by gaining awareness of controlled substance usage.

Additional benefits to subscribing to an eRx are possible reductions in errors due to legibility issues or miscommunications over the phone, adverse interaction notices and access to prescription audit reports.

If you got tired of waiting for the technology to get caught up, you don’t have to wait anymore. No more controlled substance prescriptions off in a separate corner of your business having to be monitored. With the right service in place, your eRX and EPCS are pulled together into one place as it should be.

Gavin Walker is the CEO of Walker Tek Solutions, LLC (DBA MedTech). He specializes in HL7 data interfacing, medical IT and is an award-winning vendor for e-MDs (Formerly McKesson BPS) selling/servicing Medisoft® Clinical EHR, Practice Choice™ EHR, and Beta Medisoft® Plus. Gavin has 27 years of technical experience specifically in medical billing & charting systems.

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