Ransomware- Prepare For It, Respond To It

Isn’t it a shame that such a bright mind, capable of programming a ransom attack is used for such dark deeds? What a sad, unnecessary waste. Imagine a world where such bright minds would be used for helping instead of hurting mankind. Here is how those of us that choose to be a force for good in the world can protect ourselves and our clients from those who don’t.

Prepare For Ransomware

Step 1: Make sure you are running anti-malware software on your machines. Select anti-malware that allows you to choose which folders to scan. (At minimum, use Windows Defender.)

Step 2: Maintain a professional, quality backup of your data. If you don’t understand the importance of this by now, you will suffer the consequences. Make sure it’s off-site and regularly tested or you could end up with bitter regret.

Step 3: Check to make sure Windows System Restore is set to being ON. Windows 10 machine note- with Windows 10, the default setting for System Restore is OFF!

Respond To Ransomware

If your computer screen is popping up with messages telling you that to fix the problems on your computer, you need to pay money, (and you don’t intend to pay it), here are some recommended steps to respond with.

Step 1: Shut down the computer and disconnect it from the network and internet.

Step 2: Boot the computer up in Safe Mode and run an anti-malware. (There are many to choose from, but I (Gavin) have had good luck with MalwareBytes.)

If that doesn’t work, advance to Step 3.

Step 3: Do a System Restore.

If that doesn’t work, advance to Step 4.

Step 4: Restore your backups.

Maybe the more of us that prepare and don’t pay, they’ll go get jobs and leave us alone. May you never have to use the respond portion of this guide.

Gavin Walker is the CEO of Walker Tek Solutions, LLC (DBA MedTech). He specializes in HL7 data interfacing, medical IT and is an award-winning vendor for e-MDs (Formerly McKesson BPS). He’s been providing Server Hosting (SaaS) and Backup Service for over 10 years.

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