Medisoft® Version 22 Basic Edition


by eMDs

Pre-Buy Medisoft at a historic discount. Medisoft Version 22 available for release early December 2017. Pre-Buy Medisoft Version 22 and get Version 21 now, at no additional cost while you wait. Medisoft Version 22 new features:

  • AR Tracker– Epically flexible. Create task lists for exact work flow for AR follow up and advanced filtering.
  • CPT Code Search
  • [Requires Clearinghouse Subscription] Revenue Management- Major upgrades to Eligibility Checking.
  • [Requires Clearinghouse Subscription] Revenue Management- Batch Remittance Posting– New features (Partial posting, print EOB for a single claim, new filtering options).
  • [Requires Clearinghouse Subscription] Claim Status Checking Direct With Payor- Increased Integration- Now initiate a true claim status check from within Medisoft instead of having to log into the clearinghouse.

The Walker Tek Solutions Experience:

  • WTS Premium Support – 2 months *courtesy support with product purchase.
  • Gavin’s 110% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Submit support tickets via client portal or phone; either way, your preference.
  • Medisoft vendor since 2003 – almost impossible to stump us!
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Medisoft Version 22 by eMDs is set to be released early December 2017. What’s new in 22? AR Tracker, CPT Code Search, and with the proper subscriptions to a clearinghouse, Version 22 now has upgraded Batch Remittance Posting, better integration on Claim Status Checking and enhanced Eligibility Checking.

Here are the features that were new in V22:

      • ICD-10 Anatomical Search Tool
      • Practice Clean Up Utility- Automatically zero out all balances prior to a specified date.
      • [Available With Additional Subscription] *AutoRemind Appointment Reminder- A great system now integrated into Medisoft. [*Walker Tek Solutions Reseller ID= Medtech]

Recommended System Requirements for Medisoft Version 22 & Version 21:
Workstation= Windows7 Pro up through Windows 10, with 4GB or more RAM

*WTS Courtesy Medisoft Support With Purchase- Does not cover WTS doing the product installation. That would need to be purchased at additional cost. However, WTS agents will happily assist if you have trouble with your installation.


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