WTS has collected information from external sources and displayed them here as well as resources we customized. This set of information is offered as a courtesy to be used as a general guideline only. It is not intended to be, nor would it be reasonable, to attempt to make it exhaustive. Each practice is responsible to fully vet and research what specific needs they have in regard to their own ICD-10 implementation and their specific billing claim circumstances. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid is the organization distributing the rules about ICD-10 compliance. https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/index.html

WTS’s ICD-10 Resources

The goal of this resource page is to help you. We can’t climb the mountain for you, but we will attempt to play a role in pointing your feet in the right directions. You can do this!

WTS ICD-10 Informational Webinar

Featured Speaker: Selina, McKesson BPS

ICD-10 Overview & Medisoft “How To’s”

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Webinar Attendance Perks

  • Medisoft Mobile™ App – This is for those who aren’t already enjoying McKesson’s FREE Medisoft® app available for devices with the Apple™ or Android™ OS. Upon conclusion of a session, WTS will personally walk you through finding, downloading and installing this tool that will make your post ICD10 superbill manageable among other things. Free app. Free support. Can’t beat that!
  • Discounts – For those still in need of upgrading Medisoft® to be ICD-10 compliant, if you attend a session and place your order within 24 hours, you will receive 10% off.

ICD-10 Webinar 9/1/2015

How to run the Diagnosis Ranking Report in Medisoft

Medisoft Diagnosis Ranking Report- Why It’s Important

This report is available in the Advanced and Network Professional Editions of Medisoft only. It is available on Medisoft Version 15 and newer. This report will be particularly helpful for you to summarize your most used diagnosis codes. This is important because you’ll need to think about how much ICD-10 coding knowledge/education you are going to need in-house. If your specialty only has a handful of regularly used diagnosis codes, ICD-10 will have a smaller impact to your coding comparatively speaking. If your specialty has a longer list and a greater variety of diagnosis codes that you use regularly, there is a greater impact. You’ll need to assess how you are going to make sure the ICD-10 coding knowledge among your staff is adequate to successfully get your claims processed. Should you invest in ICD-10 code training- yes or no?

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Click here for a “how-to” guide to run the Diagnosis Ranking Report in your Medisoft.

How to use the ICD-10 conversion utility in Medisoft Version 19 & 20

Click here for a “how-to” guide for Mapping and Creating ICD-10 Codes

ICD-10 & Medisoft®- Superbill Options

We have heard that ICD-10 Superbills are going to become multi-paged as opposed to single paged. That makes sense given the ICD-10 code set is so much more descriptive than ICD-9. Options:

  • Hardcopy – Continue to use hardcopy and thumb through multiple pages.
  • Electronic – Adapt an electronic superbill into your practice. McKesson’s Medisoft Mobile™ App has been adding features; among them is the superbill. Available for devices using the Apple™ OS (iTunes Store) or Android™ OS (Google Play Store).

Medisoft Mobile™ for Apple™ OS – Download v19 or Download v20
Medisoft Mobile™ for Android™ OS – Download v20

ICD-10 Testing – When should you begin?

You should have already begun. Contact your payers, clearinghouse, labs, radiology partners or hospital systems and begin the testing process where possible. Testing ahead of time will allow you to discover and troubleshoot problems. We have heard that providers should expect delays in claims payments. Try to discover as many problems in the process as you can in advance of the October 1, 2015 deadline. (Suggested by Chris Wetzel, McKesson BPS)

ICD-10- Claims Payment Delay Preparation

  • Work your ICD-9 AR really hard now before the distraction of ICD-10 hits and potentially complicates collections. Consider storing up the fruit from your AR reduction to lean upon during times of potential claims payment delays after the ICD-10 deadline.
  • Tighten up your patient payment collection system. If you do experience delays in claims payments from payers after the ICD-10 deadline, you’ll need your patient payment revenue more than ever. (Suggested by Chris Wetzel, McKesson BPS)
    • Bill Flash – One way to tighten this up and make sure that patient payment collections stay focused upon properly in your practice is Bill Flash. Ex: Time that a staff member would spend printing, licking and sealing a bill for $40 could be better spent on the phone with a payer troubleshooting why a $4,000 batch of claims is tied up and not getting paid.

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