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Medisoft v23

Post by Gavin Walker » Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:22 am

Medisoft Version 23 by eMDs is set to be released mid – December 2018. What’s new in 23? Insurance Card Scanning, Auto-Designate Invoice Comments, Identical Patient Record Testing by Surname and Birthday, Color Coding in AR Tracker, Timely Filing Tracking in AR Tracker, Secondary Status in Revenue Manager Payment Auto-Post, Cash Sums can now be entered in BillFlash OfficePay, and you can now enter in-house, statement, and other notes on transactions.

Here are the features that are new in V23:

Insurance Card Scanning – Duplex scanning on Policy 1, 2, 3, and Multi Media tabs. Works with third party remote scanning software in remote desktop environments. Pictures are automatically condensed before saving record to save disk space. When case is copied you will be prompted to discard picture on the original case to further reduce space.

Auto-Designate Invoice Comments – you can pre-construct based on payment posting codes to apply to transaction in Revenue Manager Payment Auto-Post. You may also enter freetext comments. Transactions have been enhanced to store in-house, statement, and other notes to maximize flexibility.

Identical Patient Record Test by Surname and Birthday – you will now be warned when you try to enter a patient with matching surname and birthday in order to reduce duplicate record entry.

Color Coding in AR Tracker – the same color coding that is visible in Transaction Entry is shown in AR Tracker. Note, AR Tracker is only available in the Advanced or Network Pro editions of Medisoft.

Timely Filing Tracking in AR Tracker -you can now view a timely filing countdown in AR Tracker to help prioritize which claims to work on first.

Secondary Status in Revenue Manager Payment Auto-Post – the secondary insurance status is now visible on the auto-post screen.

Cash Sums can now be entered in BillFlash OfficePay – you can now enter cash in BillFlash OfficePay to streamline the entry of all patient payments. Note, BillFlash is a separate add-on service with monthly fees.
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