Revenue management says new ICD-10 codes invalid

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Re: Revenue management says new ICD-10 codes invalid

Post by Gavin Walker » Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:14 am

It takes a while. See step #8 above.

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Re: Revenue management says new ICD-10 codes invalid

Post by slammedcackle » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:34 am

Gavin Walker wrote:
Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:13 am
Here are the steps to resolve "Software Not Found" error when applying this update:

1. Download the CCUpdateLoader.exe file from: ... Loader.exe

2. After downloading the CCUpdateLoader.exe file from the Medisoft website, browse to where you downloaded the file on your computer and move it into the “RCM” folder on your computer. The RCM folder is where the Revenue Management software is installed on your computer and is typically located immediately under the Medisoft installation folder (C:\Medisoft\BIN\RCM).

3. Close out of all Medisoft, Office Hours, and Revenue Management windows.

4. After moving the CCUpdateLoader.exe file into the RCM folder, double-click the CCUpdateLoader.exe file to run it. Wait a minute or so as it applies the fix to the “software not found error.”

5. When the fix is finished applying, the RM claims editor update screen will appear, prompting you to check for updates to your claims editor. Click “Next.”

6. It will see an update is available; click “Next” to begin downloading the update and, when complete, click “Next” to install the update. Click “Finish” when everything is completed.

7. Launch RM from inside Medisoft. A dialogue box will appear saying new policy edits database dated for 10/5/2017 are available and need to be installed. Ensure all users on your network are not actively using RM nor have the RM program opened; if they do, have them close and exit RM on all computers. Click “Yes” to continue with the new policy edits update.

8. Another dialogue box will appear confirming you are ready to install the new claims editor update. Click “OK” to begin the update process. This may take several minutes to complete; please be patient and wait for a confirmation message saying the claim edits update is complete.

9. After receiving the confirmation message saying the claim edits update is complete, launch RM again from inside Medisoft. Your new 2018 claim edits are now properly installed and ready for use. Take a few minutes to update your claims editor configuration settings by going to “Configure” > “Preferences” > “Claims Editor” inside RM and going through the setup wizard to configure your updated claim edits.
Thanks for the link.

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