Cant print claims because Dx codes are red on transaction screen

Technical problems with Medisoft.
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Philip Hatrak
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Cant print claims because Dx codes are red on transaction screen

Post by Philip Hatrak » Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:27 am

I went through and tried to make changes to the ICD 10 instructions that were given but my Dx codes on the transaction screen are still red and I can't print a claim. I recently changed everything from version 18 to version 19. I had someone do it for me and he copied all my information from the laptop with version 18 and transferred them to my desktop that already had an existing practice of version 19. I am not sure if he did it correctly and created a new practice or not as I was not here. Do you think this is why I am having the issue where the claims won't print because of an issue with the Dx codes.
These were the instructions that I tried today and it still didn't work.
How To Put ICD-10 Codes Into Medisoft Version 19

Go to Tools -> Services -> Set ICD version. For most insurance you will set the date to 10/1/2015. Double-check your auto and worker’s comp insurance. They are not required to switch to ICD-10 on that date.
Go to Tools -> Services -> Create ICD-10 mappings. Go ahead and generate ICD-10s for every ICD-9 that you use.
Start coding with ICD-10s as soon as possible. If you did the two steps above, your claims will continue to print ICD-9s until the cutover date that you selected.

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Gavin Walker
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Re: Cant print claims because Dx codes are red on transaction screen

Post by Gavin Walker » Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:59 pm

Edit the Insurance Carrier on the claim and go to the Options and Codes tab. Which Diagnosis Code Set do you have selected and what ICD-10 Effective Date do you have?

Make sure the claim isn't printing because of an overall requirement to generate a claim rather than that you are coding with ICD-9 codes. For example, edit the patient's case and make sure Cash Case isn't checked and then go to Transaction Entry and click Update All.
Gavin Walker
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