Updated computer need to connect relay revenue management

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Updated computer need to connect relay revenue management

Post by bagnell » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:41 am

Old PC out new PC in. Running windows 10. Installed MediV19 to new pc. original version from disc. Then used thumb drive backup and transferred over data to new PC. So my questions are

1) Do I need to install the medisoft updates now meaning the Hotfix and the newest update Or by installing the newest update will that take care of the hotfix update as well? Will the update mess with my data file.

2) Trying to transmit claims through revenue mangt., using relay health for eclaims, my program tells me I need to create a new date file, open existing, etc...

How do I shift over my revenue management file from the old pc data base or do I need to create a new RMD location in c:/medidata location on my new pc?

I'm running V19 advance single user and have to check Service pack as it should be 1 but unsure if restored corrected program.

3) Do you have any suggestions if there is something better than relay health to transmit claims?

Thank you

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Re: Updated computer need to connect relay revenue management

Post by Gavin Walker » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:28 am

You'll probably need to work with a Medisoft re-seller who supports RelayHealth to set this up. Since you are on v19, you will need to install the RelayHealth Java security update separately. If you fill out the paperwork to transfer your support over to us, we will set this up for you for FREE.
Gavin Walker
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