Cash receipts

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Cash receipts

Post by drk » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:50 pm

I am surprised we didn't have this problem until now.

We had someone randomly pocketing patient cash copayments. He recorded $0 copay for that DOS, went back a couple of weeks later, and posted a backdated correct copay for that DOS. So, when we do the daily tally at the end of the day from the Deposite screen, nothing was amiss, because the fraudulent posting was had a "Deposit Date" in the past.

How do you prevent against this type of fraud? Besides asking the patient if they paid their copay, which sends a bad message.

The only way around this problem that I can think of is to check the "Created Date" for each payment that we receive. Is there a convenient report / running log that will help me do this?

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