Walker Tek Outreach to those of you Impacted by Hurricane Irma

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Walker Tek Outreach to those of you Impacted by Hurricane Irma

Post by Gavin Walker » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:13 pm

We are mindful that some of you are in the zone impacted by Hurricane Irma. We want to offer our backing to you and, if your practice was touched, to assist if we can.

Noticing that there are some dependencies such as whether you have power to your practice or households, access to patient charts is at all times significant. We also understand that whether you're able to see patients just now or not, persisting to collect for services made earlier is significant to preserving money, especially if your practice work is touched since patients cannot get scheduled time. We can assist you in a few fashions:

FREE Provisional Access to your Information:
• If you do not have a PC system but do have access to the internet such as at your house, then we can help you get access to your patient info. Walker Tek can help set up a hosted edition of your Medisoft, Lytec, or Practice Partner software.
• We will require a reproduction of your best current data bank backup so that we can reinstate it. If this is obtainable in a cloud backup facility, then a protected transmission is typically fairly simple. If you use backup drives, then USPS or a carrier service can be tapped to get the information to us, being certain of course that the drives are encoded. As long as you can access the Internet, you can access the system. This can comprise employees such as billers who you let labor remotely if their households are undamaged and/or they want additional flexibility throughout the salvage stage.

Billing Assistance:
• On the occasion that you are momentarily powerless to labor due to the influence of the tempest, we can also aid by performing the billing and follow up for your practice. We can do this with a hosted arrangement, or if you nevertheless have access to your current system, we can join remotely.
Gavin Walker
Walker Tek Solutions, LLC

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