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eMDs Medisoft Clinical Matter with 12/13 Repair - 2014 Stage 2 Measure #5 Returning 0 in the Numerator

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:19 pm
by Gavin Walker
• Connected Matter: 2014 Stage 2 returning 0 in the numerator
• Publication impacted: V11.1 repair with 12/13/2017
• Your impact: Once the 12/13/2017 repair is employed the 2014 Stage 2 report for Heath Information Exchange is returning 0 in the numerator.

We have obtained information that, once the 12/13/2017 repairs are installed, locations operating the 2014 Stage 2 reports for Health Information Exchange, #5, are erroneously getting a 0 in the numerator. This is due to the improper adding of the return receipt reply obligation as that is only needed in the 2015 and ACI reporting options. eMDs Development is toiling to fix this matter in TFS 197793.

The Medisoft Clinical 2014 Stage 2 report for Health Information Exchange, #5, is erroneously needing return receipt reply thus returning a 0 numerator for those operating the report.

TFS 197793 has been established to tackle the matter.