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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:52 pm 
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The subsequent hot fixes have been published and are now obtainable for transfer within the Medisoft Clinical Update Manager.
Repair Package Designation: 11 Patches 12/13/17
Edition: 11.1
Special Memo: If you are intending on installing the October 2017 templates, then that should be complete previous to employing this repair.
Enhancement Summary:
CCDA - Medisoft Clinical now supports CCDA 2.1 edition. The default will be CCDA 1.1. If you want to change to CCDA 2.1, then please peruse the release memos.
CCDA - A new CCD Batch Production outside system has been inserted. For additional info, see the on-screen assistance.
CCDA - While importing or transferring a CCDA, you now can position the patient chart segments by dragging and releasing the segments in the sequence you wish. For additional info, see the on-screen assistance. The Import Medical Summary display has a new Validate button that lets you to confirm the CCDA for faults and cautions. The View Report button has been re-positioned from the Import Medical Summary display to the Import Medical Summary Detail selection display, and a new View Report button has been inserted to the Export Medical Summary Detail Selection display. See the on-screen assistance for additional info.
Reports - The EHR Performance Metrics Report Utility has been revised for alterations to the Stage 2 Meaningful Use (MU) reports and for the supplement of Stage 3, ACI Transition, and ACI reports.

Flaw Brief:
180655 DEX - The Direct Message service doesn't enquire for unsent communications when begun. As a consequence, the communications will not be delivered.
194040 ePrescribing - Renew - If you renew a medicine and stop out of drugstore picker or broadcast brief, then the medicine renews and prints rather than stops.
195148 Info Button - Case awkward connection in information button integration is being altered to all lower case
195268 HLI - ICD10 Mapping for "Localized Chest pain" query is incorrect
195395 Reports - Clinical Summary presenting Future Appointments which have been stopped minus status
196151 Messaging -Message hierarchy vanishes in Patient Records on Windows 2012R2
196393 ePrescribing - EPCS refill reply neglects to enter the LastFillDate
196451 WV - Webview does not start inbox or sent in the message segment due to big table
196480 Medicines - Edit - Ticking in Extended Sig text box doesn't allow Use Extended Sig checkbox and permit direct text entry
196520 Interface - RelayHealth Secure Messaging Metrics - Merely the communications anywhere the patient communicated to a provider are being transferred
196540 ePrescribing - Medicine reaching incorrect drugstore if favored drugstore exists or by means of the Pharmacy lookup inside the medicine display
196799 Export CCDA - Dot rules existing in CCDA production of Lab Misc and Lab Micro memos
196934 ePrescribing - EPCS - XSD faults while opening authorization UI in new assemblies
196944 Medicines - Medicine template created with Pharmacy from Patient medicine display populates from yet to come usages.
197395 WV - WebView Audit Report never finishes in prw.exe but finishes instantly in WebView from Patient
197416 ePrescribing - Fill Hx yields a 601 error with the incorrect PVID attempted
197458 Templates - An implanted picture in a note template triggers the picture to be written to the client directory every occasion
197593 Utility - Operating Dexinteropconfig.exe stops ECPS
197636 Notes - Possible incorrect picture to appear in a chart by means of copy and paste into note
197646 Reports - Incorrect Ethnicity publishes in Clinical Summary report
Please Note: We intensely endorse employing all of the repairs each occasion the update manager is run. Also previous to employing the repairs, please be certain to have a decent and present back up of the whole ppart directory.

Gavin Walker
Walker Tek Solutions, LLC

PostPosted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:31 am 
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We have learned that as the pr.dat in the client directory is updated with this repair an appraisal of this file after installation is endorsed to safeguard it updated correctly. Like the .ini files, such as the networkingconfig.ini, these are not version regulated and so the installer may have problems changing or updating these files. If following the update a client has problems please examine the pr.dat file and make certain it has a date of 12/13/2017.

As a recap, as specified above, ini files can be changed in the repairing procedure so evaluation of the ini settings post install is endorsed. For instance, if you use Webview, then you should examine the NetworkingConfig.ini and confirm the PMSIWebView setting is set to “”.

If you have any problems please telephone your Medisoft Clinical Value Added Re-seller.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:52 am 
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Joined: Wed Apr 04, 2007 10:11 pm
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Location: Springfield, MO
• Connected Problem: Operator cannot forward message
• Publication impacted: V11 repaired with 12/13/2017
• Your impact: Medisoft Clinical messages may not be able to be forwarded if the 12/13/2017 repair is employed

We have obtained accounts of locations not capable to forward messages after the 12/13/2017 repairs are installed. eMDs Development and Support are toiling jointly to decide the origin and solution underneath TFS 197768.

Medisoft Clinical messages are not capable to be forwarded if the 12/13/2017 repair is employed.

TFS 197768 has been made and investigation is happening to decide the origin and solution.

To safeguard this does not impact to you, it is advocated that you not install the 12/13 repairs at this occasion if you have not previously done so. Additional updates will be posted as new info is offered.

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