Alterations in the update administrator in the 04/05/2017 patch

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Alterations in the update administrator in the 04/05/2017 patch

Post by Gavin Walker » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:48 am

  • • Connected Subject: Alterations with the update administrator
    • Release impacted: V11 repaired up to 4/5/2017
    • Products impacted: Practice Partner, Lytec MD, and Medisoft Clinical Update Administrator
There are alterations happening to the update administrator to let record organization to be done.

Before you instate the 04/05/2017 repair and all following repairs, make sure you have a good backup and instate any previous outstanding repairs. This is because following instating the 04/05/2017 repair, the updater will be aiming to a new transfer site. Preceding repairs are in the old container and consequently will be unobtainable. Once you instate the 04/05/2017 repair, you will see zero updates obtainable until the following repair at the end of April/start of May 2017 which will be unobtainable until then.

Gavin Walker
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