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Post by ytyutyunik » Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:29 pm

I use Medisoft version 18. Where does the CLIA # should be entered? I read previous posts and can't find Miscellanies Tab.
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Gavin Walker
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Re: CLIA #

Post by Gavin Walker » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:56 pm

Create a rule (grid entry) on the Facility IDs grid in which you include this value.

Click Lists and select Facilities.
  • On the Facility List window, either select a grid entry and click Edit or click New.

    Then, click the Facility IDs tab and click New. If you clicked New, you will need to also complete the fields on the Address tab.

    On the Facility IDs window, click New and then click the Insurance Carrier button and click the magnifying glass to select an insurance carrier that requires the information or you could select the All button to apply the rule to all insurance carriers. You could also select an insurance class instead.

    Then, complete the rest of the information on the screen, making sure to select the Send Facility on Claim box and select the correct ID qualifier. Also, make sure you include all the data needed for a claim--since when the rules engine selects this specific entry, it would not have the other information, such as taxonomy, NPI number, etc., unless you included it in the grid entry.

    Then, select the CLIA button and enter the value in the field next to the button.
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