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McKesson Practice Choice for Medisoft

Starting at  $249 per month per provider

$0 down and up to 5 hours of FREE implementation/training.
Get a great EHR and Medisoft for a manageable monthly rate.

ICD-10 and Medisoft

Medisoft Version 19 has the capability to code using the ICD-10 code set. Some are deciding that a manageable monthly amount works better for their business as they comply with regulatory changes. For some, it is an annoyance to have to come up with a lump sum when changes require software system upgrades which may in turn require unexpected hardware upgrades as well. It adds up. McKesson Practice Choice for Medisoft is a great EHR combined with the Medisoft you need and are already familiar with. Now may be a good time to go ahead and pursue this if you have been entertaining the idea of a cloud based system. You and your team are already used to Medisoft. You only have to learn the charting portion which really cuts down on the learning curve and the impact on your business. Going with McKesson Practice Choice for Medisoft now gives you some lead time and settling time to be ready for the future ICD-10 change when it arrives.

McKesson Practice Choice for Medisoft Pricing Options:

  • Premium: $399 per month per provider. Includes: Eprescribing, lab, patient portal, Medisoft (latest currently available), and record charting.
  • Standard: $249 per month per provider. Includes: Medisoft (latest currently available) and record charting.

McKesson Practice Choice Total EHR

Built in all in one from the ground up- billing, scheduling, charting.

Special Offer – $0 down and $499 per month per provider

Get into a cloud based EHR, by one of the largest, trusted and most established companies in this field; for zero down.

  • $499 per month per provider includes full practice management and records charting service with ePrescribing.
  • $249 per month per provider includes records charting service only.

McKesson Practice Choice  is a Scheduling, Electronic Health Record and Patient Billing application all-in-one, accessed via the internet.

Some advantages to using a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) EHR are:

  • Access your live database from multiple locations
  • No maintenance of a server to host the EHR application
  • No need of staff to manage the server, data backups are managed by the application host and application updates occur automatically without staff trying to keep up with them.

In the case of McKesson Practice Choice, another advantage is you can get started with an EHR for no upfront cost (as far as the application itself is concerned).

Designed with you in mind…the independent!

You wear a lot of hats to care for your patients and run your business. McKesson targeted the small, independent provider/business owner market when McKesson Practice Choice was being designed. An application that was designed with you in mind; the independent. McKesson Practice Choice was designed in such a way as to streamline tasks keeping all of your hats in mind. Here are the features McKesson Practice Choice offers: patient charting, scheduling, ePrescribing, claims clearinghouse, electronic remittance auto-posting system and more.

$0 Down – Why you should be interested

For $0 down and $499 per month, you not only get the features listed above, but your subscription will also include up to 5 hours of McKesson services provided to your practice for basic setup. Videos and online documentation are included for a practice-led implementation. Additional one-on-one training may be purchased.

The following services normally retail at these prices:

  • ePrescribing – $25 per month per provider
  • Claims Clearinghouse – $50 per month per provider
  • Electronic Remittance – $25 per month per provider

System Requirements for McKesson Practice Choice TOTAL

All of this for $499 per month

Now is the time to take advantage of this special offer
McKesson Practice Choice (Cloud EHR).

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